Animal Rescues We Work With

We love to serve our Oak Park and surrounding neighborhood communities by dedicating our time to helping those in need. By supporting our community animal shelters, we help to not only care for animal rescues and shelter animals’ immediate health needs but prepare them for future loving homes. Consequently, we’ve partnered with the following organizations, and hope to grow the list with more partners soon!

Bow Wow Revolution

This shelter strives to save the lives of animals in kill shelters with compassionate care, and efforts to find forever homes for all. It is 100% volunteer-run, and all their rescues are cared for in foster homes before adoption. Visit their website to learn more!

Doberman Rescue Plus

While their focus is on educating the public on the Doberman breed, their compassion extends to all breeds. They rescue dogs from a variety of situations and always provide a full physical to assess their health and give them medical care as needed. Foster, adopt, or volunteer on their website!

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is volunteer-powered and works to rescue abandoned animals. They also are passionate about educating the community on responsible pet parenting including spay and neuter, good nutrition, and proper training! Learn how you can help their mission here.

Making A Difference

This animal rescue works hard to do as their name suggests and make a difference in the lives of animals in need. They rely heavily on volunteers and foster homes to help their rescues socialize and get the care they need. Read about their mission and see how you can help on their website.

Second City Canine

Second City Canine strongly believes in rescuing responsibly—they want to help every animal find the perfect loving home that suits their needs and temperament. Their reach extends beyond Chicago, and they’re always looking for pet-passionate volunteers! Learn more on their site.

Treasured Animals

With a dedicated team of volunteers and foster homes, this animal rescue works diligently to find as many forever homes as possible for their rescued pets. There is no limit to their compassion as they make every effort to help each animal in need. See their rescues available for adoption, volunteer, or donate here.

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Ways We Lend a Helping Hand

Animal rescues have a wide range of needs, so we do our best to offer what services we can to ease their burden. Some ways we help include:

  • Food collection and donation to shelters
  • Offering free exams and discounted medical care
  • Performing discounted spay, neuter, and other surgeries
  • Volunteering additional time to help shelters with anything else they need
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