Fear Free Methods


A veterinary visit is stressful for some pets. They become anxious, fearful, and unresponsive, making physical exams or administering treatments difficult. At our animal hospital, we serve Oak Park and surrounding neighborhoods with gentle, compassionate care. Several of our staff members are Fear Free Certified and offer our patients a low-stress experience at their visit. Call (708) 248-8888 to learn more!


Fear Free methods all focus on creating an all-around more pleasant, peaceful experience for pets and their owners during their visit to the veterinarian. Our certified staff members take extra steps to ensure each pet is comfortable and at ease. Some things they do to help are:

  • Give advice on how to prepare your pet for their visit—making cats more comfortable in their carriers or helping dogs to adjust to riding in vehicles. The use of pheromone sprays or calming medications are some solutions.
  • Suggesting you limit your pet’s food intake before an appointment, so they’re more receptive to treats during their visit.
  • Getting pets and owners into exam rooms as soon as possible to limit their time in the lobby.
  • Creating a more calming atmosphere in each exam room.
  • Doing exams in more comfortable locations for your pet – whether on the floor, in their carrier, or in your lap!
  • Using gentle handling and restraint techniques.
  • Administering Bordetella as an oral vaccine rather than the more unpleasant intranasal option.

Interested in learning more about our Fear Free Certified staff and their practices? Get in touch today at (708) 248-8888.

Dr Cheryl is, as always, very attentive and compassionate when it comes to Cookie’s needs. Always solves our problems and believe it or not, Cookie is always very happy to see her–she is very comfortable with her vet 🙂 (which is not usually the case when an animal goes to the vet)