Enrich Your Pet’s Life with Doggie Daycare in Oak Park


Does your pet spend most of their weekdays alone? We understand—you work hard to give your pet a comfortable, healthy life, and unfortunately this means having to spend lots of time away from them. Luckily, we have a solution that gives your pet a chance to enjoy the company of other dogs (and a few people). We offer doggie daycare in a designated area of our hospital that provides plenty of space and comfort, and helps our guests feel right at home.


How Does Daycare Help My Pet?

Dogs are social animals, so leaving them alone for long periods of time can be harmful to their mental (and physical) health. Additionally, some dogs are prone to separation anxiety and may become destructive, tearing up furniture and chewing on door frames. Daycare can help your pet in several ways:

  • It can give them a sense of belonging and confidence
  • Your pet will have an outlet for their energy
  • Playtime helps pets stay active and trim
  • It can increase their comfort level in different surroundings
  • They’ll come home tired and be less likely to get into trouble

Keeping Our Daycare Center Safe

Every dog needs to be evaluated by our staff members before they can participate in our daycare program. This is to ensure that our guests are at ease and have minimal risk of experiencing a conflict with another dog. We want all of our guests to get along as much as possible. To further increase safety, all daycare sessions are fully-supervised by experienced staff members. If need be, we can offer one-on-one play sessions with dogs that find socializing in a large group stressful.

Furthermore, all dogs must be current on their vaccinations, and be free of parasites. We invite you to speak with us directly about your pet’s needs and personality so we can determine if daycare is the best choice for them.