Looking Beyond the Surface with Pet Diagnostics in Oak Park, IL

Our doctors are extremely skilled at what they do, but they need the help of pet exams and diagnostics to examine internal body structures and evaluate blood chemistries. Your pet’s health is not one-dimensional, so to look beyond the limits of a physical exam, we use advanced diagnostic equipment. With imaging technology and complex laboratory capabilities, we can understand your pet’s whole health—from nose to tail and absolutely everything in between.

Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Diagnostics are not only useful for discovering hidden illness, they are useful even when your pet is at the pinnacle of health. Understanding your pet’s healthy diagnostics with routine blood work helps us better evaluate when they are unhealthy. Blood work though, is just one facet of our laboratory testing capabilities.

We also examine:

  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal testing
  • Cytology (skin cell analysis)
  • Biopsies
pet exams

Dr Cheryl & assistant Chad were so sweet and beyond professional! They took time to explain all that was going on with our senior dog. Went over options and discussed possible outcomes. Gave our doggie lots of treats, brought him water and a blanket to rest on between tests. Really a great experience for owners and dog! -Steve

pet exams

X-Ray and Ultrasound for Dogs and Cats in Oak Park, IL

Digital radiography and ultrasonography are also used frequently to examine your pet’s internal structure. X-rays help in detecting bone breaks and fractures, deformities, tumors and locate foreign bodies. Ultrasound helps us see your pet’s organs in motion. While x-ray produces a still image, ultrasound gives us a window to observe the heart, abdominal cavity, bladder, and so much more in full, textured detail. Both procedures are completely noninvasive and painless!

Interested in learning more about our diagnostic capabilities and how they can help your pet? Contact us today!