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Your relationship with your pet is the most important bond they’ll experience, and nurturing that bond can benefit their health, too. At Companion Animal Hospital Oak Park, we believe in fostering the human-animal bond through cat and dog training and counseling. We aim to give your pet the level of treatment they deserve as valued family members.


From one life stage to the next, your pet’s needs will evolve over the years. They will likely receive most of their medical care in their first few months of life and in their last few years. During your pet’s adult years, our goal is to help you maintain their health and prepare them for their senior years.


While every pet has unique needs, there are basic protocols we aim to follow. New puppies and kittens need to see their veterinarian immediately for preventative care and treatment. An early health assessment can help us start your new pet off on the right paw and set a baseline for their long-term health. Initial exams usually include a complete physical, parasite screens, and vaccinations. Bring a fresh fecal sample to your pet’s first visit so we can check for intestinal worms, along with any paperwork if you adopted your pet from a breeder.

The staff always provide professional and compassionate care and flexibility. I am always pleased with their service and the time they take to explain in detail both the medical as well as the financial issues incolved. Their care for our dog helps to reduce our anxiety and know we are completely informed every step of the way.

– Jerry


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You won’t leave your appointment empty handed! We’ll provide puppy and kitten information kits to help get you started as a new owner. They include information on:

  • Wellness care recommendations
  • Socialization
  • Behavior and potential problems
  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Training
  • Toys and their safety
  • Pet insurance
  • Emergency care
  • Sterilization and elective surgery
  • …and more

Parasite prevention, vaccinations, behavior, training, diet, and more will also be discussed at your visit—and we know it’s all a lot of information to take in, but we are here to help!


As the second most vulnerable time in their life, a pet’s senior years require particular attention by both you and us. Dogs typically reach senior status at the age of 7. However, larger breeds tend to age faster and become seniors at 5. Cats are seniors by 8 years of age. We recommend bringing your senior pet in biannually for a health check, as well as annual routine diagnostics.

Keep in mind, too, that we’ll be interested to know how your pet is doing at home. Have they been sleeping well? Eating? Moving around differently? Are their bowel movements regular? Preserving your pet’s quality of life is our main priority, so any and all information about their home behavior can help us care for them better.


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Even the best of pets can develop bad behavior, and solutions can seem impossible. Luckily, our certified animal behaviorists have a wealth of experience at their disposal to share with you to help you give your pet the support and counseling they need.

We can help correct problems such as:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression or irritable behavior
  • Urine marking or defecation issues
  • And much more!

When you bring your pet in for a behavioral consultation, we’ll discuss their health history and perform a physical exam to ensure their behavior is not triggered by an illness or injury. Once we rule out any malady, we move forward with behavior therapy. Please be aware that this could be a long-term process, but we are determined to help your pet overcome their issues.


Think your pet needs counseling or behavioral training? Contact us today 708-248-8888 or Make An Appointment today!

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