Fall & Halloween Pet Safety Tips

With the changing leaves, cooler weather, and scary, but charming decorations for Halloween, autumn is a favorite time of year for many of us! Yet, this season poses some unique dangers to our pets. Learn about what hazards are out there and how to avoid them with our animal hospital’s fall and Halloween pet safety tips!

Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in Oak Park: A Dog Walking in the City on Top of Autumn Leaves

Fall Pet Safety

  • Persistent parasites. If you’re thinking the cooler weather means parasites like fleas and ticks are no longer a threat, think again. Ticks can be active through the winter if it’s mild. Additionally, fleas often seek shelter in our warm homes making them as much of a threat to our pets as ever! Keep up the parasite preventatives all year long!
  • Rodenticides. While none of us want mice or rodents in our homes, rodenticides can be a huge danger to our pets. These poisons smell awfully enticing to cats and dogs alike, so if you have to use them, secure them in places that are beyond your pet’s reach. Or, choose to use natural, pet-safe alternatives!
  • Antifreeze. Antifreeze smells sweet and tasty to our pets, but it is highly toxic. Store it where they cannot reach it, and always make sure to clean up any spills right away.
  • Allergies. Fall often means a second wave of allergies, and many of our pets are affected, too! If you notice your pet scratching more then usual, they likely have an allergy! Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian, and we’ll be able to get them some relief!

Halloween Pet Safety

  • Don’t share your treats. Chocolate and xylitol, an artificial sweetener, are both highly toxic to pets. Keep these treats away from curious noses and make sure your kids know not to share their loot with their furry best friends!
  • Costumes for cats and dogs. Before you dress your pet up, make sure they actually enjoy wearing their costume. Try it on them before Halloween and make sure it doesn’t obstruct their breathing, movement, hearing, or sight. If they seem to love it, you’re good to go!
  • Dangerous decorations. Keep decorations such as lit candles, jack-o’-lanterns, and electrical cords out of paws’ reach! Curious pets can easily cause a fire or wax burns if getting too close to a flickering flame, and electrical cords often look like chew toys to our pets!
  • Give your pet a safe place to rest in. If all your costumed guests or kids at the door are causing your pet anxiety, it might be best to leave them in a quiet back room with their favorite toy where they can relax for the evening!
Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in Oak Park: A Cat Wearing an Orange Witch Hat for Halloween

Interested in more tips for a safe and healthy fall and a happy Halloween? Contact our animal hospital at (708) 248-8888 or ask us at your next appointment!